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Esthetics: "a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement."

My approach to website design is rather simple, and based on 26 years of listening to clients' ideas for their "digital footprint" and brand awareness. There is nothing more satisfying to a Webmaster than a client's love for what we build together.

You and I will have a brief discussion about what your sense of style, color, and esthetics are. If you have a current website we will discuss what content you would like brought into the new website, as well as new features and pages that need to be created. If this a brand new adventure for you, or simply an upgrade, we will discuss what your options are for the new website as well as post launch content marketing.

Website Design Services by The Nashville WebmasterYou will be asked to supply any photos and your logo if you have them. If you would like to explore building a new logo click here. One of the first items will be your imagery. I always use copyright-cleared photography to augment the photos you have, as well as to break up text heavy pages. "Eye candy" goes a long way to making a page and website more interesting. It has been shown to keep visitors longer in your website. A lightbox will be setup for you and your team to select the photos that you would like to use. I will then purchase them for your use inside the website.

Your website hosting will be setup on one of the world's best hosting companies. Then I install the content management system (CMS), setup any email accounts and email forwarders you will need, and then begin building your new website. You and your team will have as much, or as little involvement in the first phase as you desire. One thing I do recommend is for me to teach you and your team how to easily update your content as we are building it together.

Once the website has all of your content in place and all of the features you asked for, we will walk through any "tweaks" you would like me to make. Once thease are approved by you, I will take your new website live. Now the real fun begins as we build a content marketing strategy together to let your audience know about you and your brand.

"Intuitive design is how we give the user new superpowers." ~Jared Spool

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